Using your online browser, iPhone or iPad, you can now easily manage thousands of trees with a few taps. Mobile sync new clients and new trees, work orders and job status.


Immediate access to every client’s trees, makes it easy to build and send highly comprehensive estimates.


Create beautifully tailored estimates on the fly, accelerate your sales turn-around time and stream-line field production. Then watch your bottom line grow.



ArborPlus Mobile App

A whole new level of productivity. 


The ArborPlus mobile app makes it easier and faster to tackle the most tedious, yet most fundamental aspects of being a tree care provider; estimates, job production and client management. You’ll be able to build incredibly impressive estimates, create work recommendations for future years and track actual progress on current jobs. It will feel like it was designed just for your company, because it was.

Property Map/Inventory Mode 


Dynamic Tree Inventory

View all trees and their treatment services for every client’s property, color coded by species. Simply tap the “+” in the upper right to drop a new pin on the map. High resolution zoom allows for incredibly accurate placement. 

Detailed Tree Profile

Snap multiple photos for every tree, recommend pruning/health treatments and specify timing, cycle and even price. Add tree specific notes visible to both client and crew. Build a multi-year maintenance plan without hassle. Finally, a tree inventory that gets more accurate over time. It’s all in the details.

Built for You

ArborPlus was built for the user experience. With an extensive database of species, types of service treatments, Plant Health Care default treatment cycles, and description of services, the set-up is painless. 

Estimate/Work Mode

See What You're Working With

In estimate mode you can view past, scheduled and current estimates. See only the trees on that particular estimate (shown as triangle pins) and edit the tree info if necessary. Filter by service treatments to see which trees require what, allowing production in the field to be seamless. 

Job Completion in Real-Time

In work mode, check off each tree as it’s complete and track progress in real time. Snap shot view of the client’s information, tap the address to get directions, and see if your job is 100% complete. Eliminate go-backs for that one darn stump.

Make Changes Seamlessly

How many times has the tree condition changed between the time of the estimate and when the crew is on site? Need to add or delete a few trees to an estimate you already sent? How about an up-sell? No problem, adjust your work order and/or update the tree info with a few taps. BOOM. 

ArborPlus Web App

The most elegant way to run your company.

ArborPlus Web App Client Estimate View

ArborPlus Web App is the browser friendly and completely synchronous component to the Mobile App. No downloads, no set-up, unlimited client access. ArborPlus Web App’s intuitive design and simple interface makes it easy to navigate. Manage your company from one powerful program.

Total Client & Tree Manager

See and easily filter through your ENTIRE tree database across all properties and all users, or, pinpoint that one tiny tree in your neighbor’s friend’s backyard that you serviced 2 years ago. Send out massive estimates with the exact specs for each tree. Know and manage your client’s property better than anyone else without relying on memory. 

Linked with the Mobile App

Since everything is cloud-based, both the web app and mobile app are completely linked. If a change is made on one, it is immediately reflected in the other. Don’t you just LOVE technology? 


Impress Your Clients

Once you hit “Send Estimate”, your client receives a link to their own tree portal, and to a seriously impressive estimate. The portal allows them to browse through all their trees, multiple-properties, and see past and current estimates. In the estimate they can navigate the map to view their trees, blow up photos of the tree, and where each tree is it’s own line item. As soon as they hit “Approve” and agree to your terms and services, your office automatically gets an email notification and they will be emailed a confirmation of approval. It really doesn’t get any easier. 

Scheduling Made Easy

Once the estimate is approved, it automatically moves into the job calendar waiting to be scheduled. You can set job goals for each day and easily determine, by color, which day is maxed out or where there is room. Assign a foreman and add internal notes. Click on a job to see a snap shot view of all the information.

All Your Reports in One Place

Search to find any report ever created. See all draft estimates that haven’t been sent. Search estimates to follow-up on that haven’t been approved. Check the status of an estimate, track the progress of a job and run your A/R like a well-oiled machine. 


Super Admin Dashboard

See a 100-ft view of your company without pulling reports and consolidating systems. Track estimates that have been sent, how much has been approved, how much has been completed, and what’s been paid. Everything affects the bottomline, and now you can see your cashflow clearly on one page. 

Set Goals, See Growth

Set custom goals for your sales reps and track their stats on a daily basis. Know if your business is consistently exceeding those goals or falling short.  

Fully Customizable

Tailor the app perfectly to the services your company offers. Set default prices based on the size of the tree and type of treatment recommended. Send estimates with your logo and company credentials. 

Lifetime Updates

As ArborPlus’ feature rich app grows, so will you. We are continually tweaking things out and adopting the best technology so that we stay ahead of the game. 

Customer Support

We offer FREE online trainings and demos for those that need it. We want you to love ArborPlus and experience how it is the most sophisticated way to run your company!  

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